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Company focus:

’Less is more’
- Close interaction with producers, products and customers
- Effective internal communication – momentum not lost in administration

With this position we attract suppliers who prefers to build long-term relations and wants cooperation with highly skilled and experienced professionals who are also sommeliers. We focus on developing the relations and business for our current producers rather than searching for new partners and having a large portfolio.


Financial strength:

Vinestor Sweden AB is a daughter company within Vinestor Group AS wich is owned by Katalysator AS.. Katalysator is owned by the Møller-family company Aars AS. The family is also the owner of Møller Group - the leading Norwegian importer of Volkswagen cars and Aars AS, one of the largest privately held companies in Norway.

Vinestor Group has equity of more than NOK 20 million.


Organisational strength:

- Human capital – skilled, competent, dynamic, experienced and motivated team
- Active ownership creates stability and credability